Biographical sketch

Aslam Narváez Parra, I sign as Aslam. I was born in July 8th, 1981, in Distrito Federal, but most of my life I have lived in the state of Queretaro. I started painting 21 years ago. Among other influences, there are compositions and landscapes of photographers such as Hansel Adams and Sebastian Salgado; as well as sceneries, landscapes and abandoned buildings that I have been finding during my continuous field trips. I was captivated by forest and nature that showed the absence of man, but soon I found these environments in deserts and areas I was lucky to visit frequently. Because of the great impetuosity to know more about nature I studied Biology, though I never stopped my pictorial activity. Finally, I devote all my time to scientist illustrations and landscape painting. My own idea about nature has been evolving in accordance with my knowledge about different contexts in which man develops, and I find that almost all of them are fascinating. My work is focused on representing nature in an aesthetics form through isolated landscapes and environments, concentrated in the composition of the elements and their illumination. My intention is to convey the feelings that every place suggests, along with their implicit processes but no obvious, and which, nevertheless affect man through the changing characteristic of the nature.

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