Work for publication

- Cover in the journal Biological Control Entomology Vedalia, 2004.

- Scientific Illustrations of new species (plants and animals).

- Science for a guide to mammals of the Tehuacan Valley, Puebla / Oaxaca, sponsored by Conabio and Dr. Alfonso Valiente Banuet, UNAM's Institute of Ecology Illustrations not yet published.

- Illustrations for scientific dissemination of aquatic vegetation, mammals, insects, fungi, protozoa and other arthropods.

- Cover for the novel "Tomorrow the future" by Juan Barrera Malda, editorial Peces voladores,  2009.

- Diverse Landscapes of Mexico Oil and Acrylic.

- Covers for issues of the Flora of Guerrero on the UNAM.

- Currently working on a field guide to identify 46 species of pines in Mexico, Conabio.

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